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Air Arms Globe Sight
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FX sight set
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Brand: FX Airguns
Complete Sight set for FX Biathlon and others with dovetail mount. High sight base set: 4 mm height increase (not the one in the picture).Rearsight: Strong double base clamps and stainless steel screws. suitable for all types of rifle. Short mounting rail allows maximum movement of the sight ..
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Nikko Stirling Red Dot 1x30
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Reflex shooting is a demanding discipline, as the target needs to be acquired quickly in the sights. Accurate sighting without parallax or eye relief limitations are also vital to achieving that top score or hunting success. Whether you are a hunter, recreational shooter or competitive marksman,..
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FX Foresight Mount
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Brand: FX Airguns
For mounting of diopter sight on FX Rifles and others.Compensator function.Adjustable clockwise.Connection foresight: 13 mm dovetailConnection to Rifle: ½” threadWeight: 130 g Caliber: 4,5mm (.177) ..
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