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Like the name of this website suggests, it regards airguns. Heavy emphasis on guns made for shooting silhouettes. Guns presented on this page shoot 4.5mm pellets which, according to the Estonian gun law, are in civil use and available for people over 18 years of age. The websites build-up provides main equipment for the 50 m Field Target shooters. Likewise the important equipment for 10 m gun and pistol shooters.


Different rifle designs and power output offer a large variety airguns for leisure shooters, hobbyists, hunters, FT shooters and as far as champions.


Gun power output standards differ. For example at the Grenada European Championships Anschütz gun users won the most medals. 10 m gun model 9003 Premium power output is 9.5 Joules. That is enough for popping cans in ones backyard. 16.3 Joules or 250m/s is the upper limit of a license-free gun owning. That is also the biggest output allowed at the World Championships. Always the referee may allow stronger guns to compete in the so called ‘free class’ . Stronger guns do wreck the silhouette much faster. Airguns with the power output over 27 Joules should be however classed as hunting weapons. On the other hand, if the pellets speed rises over 315m/s and approaches the speed of sound at 340m/s, then the accuracy of the shot decreases. Shorter hunting weapons or carabines are fit for the Hunting Field Target, which is a lot less technical field of sports than Sporting Field Target.


Correct FT competition rifles are single-shot. Multi-shot rifles are better for practice and suit well for hunting or leisure shooting. In case of multi-shot rifles, beautiful walnut stocks are preferred. Regarding FT rifles, adjustable gun stocks assure comfort.


A selection of various worldwide high-level brands are presented on this page. Individual sales advisable prices provide comparison between distinct models and manufacturers.


Individually crafted world-class rifle order may take up to 6 months. Commonly the usual order time starts at 2 months.

For shooting sports club and state power structures the prices are on agreement.


Airgun is as much of a gun as an ordinary firearm. Careless use may cause unpredictable results. The purpose of this page is to develop the shooting culture, improve sporting and lead Estonian shooters to the FT World Cup top 100.

Air Arms HFT 500
Brand: Air Arms
To win a hunter field target competition, you need a rifle which will produce consistent accuracy right out to 50 metres, in all kinds of weather from chilly sub-zero temperatures to the intense heat of midsummer. Add rain, wind and the demands of these changing conditions and you will quickly f..
Ex Tax:1,459.58€
Air Arms MPR Biathlone
Brand: Air Arms
Built around the solid MPR foundation of a recoilless, fast-fire, autoload, sidelever action in an adjustable, match-style stock, the Biathlon is designed to translate every well-aimed shot into a perfect hit. With its requirement for speed and precision, biathlon target shooting demands the bes..
Ex Tax:1,433.58€
Air Arms MPR Precision
Brand: Air Arms
Inside the Air Arms 10M Precision everything's in balance. The firing valve is designed to be self-regulating, so as the pressure changes in the rifle's air reservoir, the firing valve adapts its operation to keep the Precision's shots consistent and right on target...
Ex Tax:1,129.17€
Air Arms ProSport
Hot Pre-Order
Brand: Air Arms
The ProSport is Air Arms refined version of the TX200, where underlever cocking arm lies flush in the stock. Beautifully laser checkered stock with incredible match trigger are but a few features of this refined springer...
Ex Tax:1,104.00€
Air Arms Ultimate Sporter XS
Brand: Air Arms
Every air rifle that Air Arms create is designed to give each shooter the maximum amount of reliability and performance. With those goals in mind, Air Arms are thrilled to announce the latest addition to their extensive range of revolutionary rifles, the Ultimate Sporter XS. Unveiled at the 2018..
Ex Tax:1,371.83€
Daystate Huntsman
Brand: Daystate
The latest succession to the Huntsman’s famous lineage, the Regal combines all the elements of a classic, English sporting air rifle. Beautifully-shaped walnut woodwork cradles a solidly-engineered – though remarkably lightweight – mechanical powerplant, providing a unique marriage of wood and me..
Ex Tax:1,445.75€
Daystate Red Wolf
Brand: Daystate
Digitally regulated for a super consistent high shot-count, and sporting a trigger that incorporates adjustability of both release and finger placement, the Red Wolf delivers match-like accuracy at the very extremes of airgun ranges. Its masterfully sculpted stock sandwiches soft red undertones b..
Ex Tax:2,511.46€
Daystate Tsar
Brand: Daystate
It continues Daystate’s rich legacy of match-winning FT models for shooters who compete at the highest national and international level of airgunning’s most challenging outdoor target shooting discipline. Uncompromising in every area of its highly-sophisticated action, the Tsar includes features ..
Ex Tax:2,411.46€
FX Biathlon MkII
Brand: FX Airguns
The FX Biathlon MKII rifle is built in the spirit of the Olympic competition rimfire guns. This MKII version has been updated and rebuilt around the world class FX Smooth Twist X barrel system. The Smooth Twist X rifled barrel chambered in .177 caliber, provides consistent high-level accuracy th..
Ex Tax:1,027.50€
FX Wildcat MkIII
Hot Pre-Order
Brand: FX Airguns
THE WILDCAT MKIIIThe FX Wildcat is a part of airgun royalty. A rifle that was compact before compact became a buzzword in airguns. A perfectly balanced and ergonomically designed bullpup that defined the generation of bullpups that have followed in its footsteps. The FX Wildcat MKIII enhan..
Ex Tax:1,136.67€
Hämmerli AR20 Pro Blue
Hot Pre-Order
Brand: Hämmerli
Get the right start. To get the right start in sport shooting, you need your own rifle, and the Hämmerli AR20 air rifle is the perfect choice. It has all you need for fun, and it will help you become a good marksman.   A sophisticated match air rifle. The AR20 is a sophisticated s..
Ex Tax:1,017.00€
Steyr Challenge E
New Hot Pre-Order
Brand: Steyr
The electronic air rifle of a new generation!MATCH and BENCH REST.The unique STEYR CHALLENGE E is indeed a majorchallenger to the best air rifles in the world. Equipped withan electronic trigger and multifunctional adjustments therifle can be made to fit the shooter perfectly. It representsthe new g..
Ex Tax:2,825.00€
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