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Field Target

Daystate Tsar
Brand: Daystate
It continues Daystate’s rich legacy of match-winning FT models for shooters who compete at the highest national and international level of airgunning’s most challenging outdoor target shooting discipline. Uncompromising in every area of its highly-sophisticated action, the Tsar includes features ..
Ex Tax:2,411.46€
Daystate Wolverine R C Type
Brand: Daystate
Offering all the time-proven attributes of the Wolverine 2 and now including the availability of a grey laminate or walnut thumbhole stock, the new R model swaps a cocking bolt for the in-vogue sidelever cocking system, increasing yet further the appeal of this very versatile PCP. Additionally, ..
Ex Tax:1,956.50€
Daystate Wolverine 2
Brand: Daystate
The C-Type utilises a 300cc under-barrel air tube, while the 400 or 500cc buddy-bottle B-Type model offers a higher shot-count per fill. For the weight conscious, there’s the Hi-Lite model, fitted with a 480cc carbon-fibre buddy-bottle. And the Hi-Power models – available in .22, .25 and .303 cal..
Ex Tax:2,055.30€
Daystate Griffin
Brand: Daystate
The Griffin can be tailored for a perfect gun fit regardless of shooter shape or shooting stance courtesy of its fully-adjustable stock and all-new, user-friendly adjustable trigger. This level of refinement enables the most fastidious of Hunter Field Target shooters to take on the toughest compe..
Ex Tax:2,916.67€
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