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FX Biathlon MkII
Brand: FX Airguns
The FX Biathlon MKII rifle is built in the spirit of the Olympic competition rimfire guns. This MKII version has been updated and rebuilt around the world class FX Smooth Twist X barrel system. The Smooth Twist X rifled barrel chambered in .177 caliber, provides consistent high-level accuracy th..
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FX Four Stage Turbopump
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Brand: FX Airguns
This Turbo Pump is equipped with a patented 4 stage system. It has a unique gearing system that gives you the opportunity to gear down when it gets rough. It allows the user to choose if they want high volume (300 cc) with lower pressure Or low volume (200 cc) with higher pressure.Features: Pressure..
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FX Wildcat MkIII
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Brand: FX Airguns
THE WILDCAT MKIIIThe FX Wildcat is a part of airgun royalty. A rifle that was compact before compact became a buzzword in airguns. A perfectly balanced and ergonomically designed bullpup that defined the generation of bullpups that have followed in its footsteps. The FX Wildcat MKIII enhan..
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FX Dreamline Classic
Brand: FX Airguns
THE DREAMLINE CLASSICThe FX Dreamline Classic is the natural evolution of the FX Streamline. FX has taken the proven Streamline platform and added world class features that take it to the next level; bridging the gap to rifles such as the FX Crown and FX Impact. Dreamline ConceptWith the a..
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FX Dreamline Lite
Brand: FX Airguns
THE DREAMLINE LITE The FX Dreamline Lite is a new look model unlike other FX rifles from the past. Weighing in at 5 ½ pounds, this Dreamline lives up to its name of being ultra-light weight. It is also the most customizable of all the Dreamline models. The compact version provides an ultra-p..
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FX sight set
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Brand: FX Airguns
Complete Sight set for FX Biathlon and others with dovetail mount. High sight base set: 4 mm height increase (not the one in the picture).Rearsight: Strong double base clamps and stainless steel screws. suitable for all types of rifle. Short mounting rail allows maximum movement of the sight ..
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FX Dreamline Bullpup
Brand: FX Airguns
DREAMLINE BULLPUP The Dreamline Bullpup takes the same Dreamline internals of the other models but fits it into a bullpup configuration to shorten the overall. Yet retaining all the adjustability and still utilizing the high capacity magazine of the standard Dreamlines. Dreamline Concep..
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FX Impact MkII Magazine
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Brand: FX Airguns
38-shot magazine FX Impact MkII. Caliber 4.5mm..
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