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Daystate Tsar

Daystate Tsar
Daystate Tsar
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It continues Daystate’s rich legacy of match-winning FT models for shooters who compete at the highest national and international level of airgunning’s most challenging outdoor target shooting discipline. Uncompromising in every area of its highly-sophisticated action, the Tsar includes features like a five-level adjustable, multi-sear trigger system that’s controlled by a multi-adjustable blade, and a high-precision, match-grade stainless steel Lothar Walther barrel. Its sidelever cocking system also allows for dry-firing practice, where trigger technique can be honed without actually discharging a shot.


Designed to maximise shooter control, the stock that cradles the Tsar’s action is every bit as state-of-the-art. Constructed in laminate to eliminate any stresses imparted between wood and metalwork during the rifle’s charge cycle, its thumbhole design is crafted with both form and function in mind. Boasting an array of multi-adjustable features to achieve a tailor-made gunfit – such as an anatomical grip/palm rest, cheekpiece and butt pad – every conceivable benefit is brought to the shooter, whether faced with a sitting, prone, kneeling or standing shot.


Designed and built without compromise, the Tsar is an unashamed trophy-winning machine.

Size and wheigt
Lenght 1070 mm
Weight 4.5 kg
Technical Details
Type PCP
Muzzle Energy 16,3 J
Single-Shot yes
Cocking System Sidelever
Stock Laminated
Caliber 4.5 mm (.177 in)
Barrel 460 mm, match-grade Lothar Walther
Trigger Multi sear, five level adjustment with dry firing system
Muzzle Velocity 244 m/s @ 16,3 J;
Safety Manual
Technical Details PCP
Fill Pressure 220 bar
Pressure Gauge yes
Shot Count 140 @ 16,3 J
Quick Fill System yes