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FX No-Limit 30mm

FX No-Limit 30mm
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FX No-Limit 30mm
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Eliminates all problem with limits of cross-hair movement for long range shooting.

The possibility to set the scope in an angle gives you a height range of astonishing 4m at 100 m shooting distance.

Always lets you use the sweet spot of your scope and fine tune with crosshair adjustments.

Also gives you the possibility to use as high or medium height mounts.

Easy to use and affordable!


Picatinny version offers an adjustment screw in the bottom which allows easy height adjustment.

Size and wheigt
A (height to scope body) Dovetail 22-26 mm; Picatinny 20 - 22.5 mm
B (width) 24 mm
Weight 60 g
Technical Details
For body tube 30 mm
Type 2-piece, double screw
For lens up to 60 mm
For rail 9.5 - 11 mm Dovetail or Picatinny
Stopper no
Finish matte black