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Swab-its Bore-Whip

Swab-its Bore-Whip
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Swab-its Bore-Whip
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Swab-Its , the quick, efficient and less messy method of firearm cleaning.

The new Swab-its Bore-whips is a pull-through design made to the same durability,

reusability and lint-free standard as our Bore-tips and Gun-tips , providing 360 degree bore coverage without the use of metal components. Bore-whips are available in three-piece packs in both .177 and .22 caliber models. Their pull-through design allows for cleaning the proper way, from the action to the crown. Their vibrant orange and green handles do double duty; acting as an Empty Chamber Indicator (ECI) at the range. Bore-whips can be washed with soap and water and reused.

Attention: Do not use with amonia-based solvents.