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Hill Mk4 pump Dry Pack

Hill Mk4 pump Dry Pack
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Hill Mk4 pump Dry Pack
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4th Gen Hill Pump without Dry Pack.

Latest 4th Generation Design features.
1. Less Effort, we have made the 3rd Gen Hill pump much easier to pump.
2. High Volume, we have kept the highest volume output so less pumping.
3. Field Service, you can strip the pump in the field in less than 5 mins.
4. Lifetime warranty, each pump carries a limited lifetime warranty.
5. Using the Patented, Hill Dry Pack gives 90% Dry Air, great for your gun.

Pump comes with hose with 1/8" bsp connection. Some air guns may require additional adaptors.
Dry Air Pack System can easily be added later.

Technical Details
Features moisture trap, particle filter (replaceable), bleed valve
Technical Details PCP
Fill Pressure 270 bar
Pressure Gauge yes