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Daystate Huntsman

Daystate Huntsman
Daystate Huntsman
Daystate Huntsman
Daystate Huntsman
Daystate Huntsman
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The latest succession to the Huntsman’s famous lineage, the Regal combines all the elements of a classic, English sporting air rifle. Beautifully-shaped walnut woodwork cradles a solidly-engineered – though remarkably lightweight – mechanical powerplant, providing a unique marriage of wood and metal courtesy of an action that sits lower in the stock to perfectly mimic the feel and handling of a traditional hunting rifle.


The contemporary Huntsman maintains all the features airgunners have come to expect from a PCP bearing the famous Daystate marque, from its shrouded match-grade barrel, through its snap-fit filling system and integral pressure gauge, to its solid breech block that accepts Daystate’s proven 10-shot rotary magazine. The mag can be replaced with the supplied single-shot tray for direct-to-barrel loading if preferred, too.


Courtesy of its Harper patent Slingshot hammer and valve system, the Huntsman is capable of performance levels hitherto unachievable in a mechanically-driven PCP, and higher power versions in the Regal line produce muzzle energies up to 30 ft/lbs, or 40 ft/lbs on the extended-cylinder XL model.


Indeed, it makes the perfect chassis for the latest variant – the HR Huntsman Regal. Incorporating an air regulator designed in collaboration with Dutch pneumatic specialist Huma, the HR model improves the Regal’s already consistent velocity, and extends its shots-per-charge count up to 70%.


The Regal – proclaiming its rightful accession to bear the Huntsman’s famous crown.

Size and wheigt
Lenght 928 mm
Weight Regal 2.7 kg; Regal XL 2.85 kg; HR Regal 2.75 kg; HR Regal XL 2.90 kg
Technical Details
Type PCP
Muzzle Energy 16,3 J; 24,4 J
Single-Shot 10 Shot Magazine or single shot tray
Cocking System Bolt Action
Stock Walnut
Caliber 4.5 mm (.177 in)
Barrel 430 mm
Trigger Two-stage mechanical release. Adjustable for weight and length of stage
Muzzle Velocity 244 m/s @ 16,3 J; 299 m/s @24.4 J
Safety Manual, rotary trigger block lever
Technical Details PCP
Fill Pressure 230 bar
Pressure Gauge yes
Shot Count Regal 82 @ 16,3 J; Regal XL 46 @ 24.4 J; HR Regal 140 @ 16,3 J; HR Regal XL 60 @ 24.4 J
Quick Fill System yes